Press Office

Press offices are the most cost-effective, professional and measurable way for you or your PR company to distribute your press releases on the front page of and within its regular newsletters to all industry professionals.

The Supply Chain Online Virtual Press Office product is the perfect solution for any company that produces press releases.

It guarantees exposure of your news to Supply Chain Online's reader base.

What you get.

  1. Press releases in our regular newsletter

    Distribute your company press releases in the regular email newsletter to 11000+ subscribers, growing by each month.
  2. Press releases on

    Your Press Releases get premium front-page position on the website.
  3. Search by keyword

    All press releases appear on indefinitely and are searchable from's front page and major Internet search engines by keyword.
  4. Listed within newsletter

    Press offices with recent news are listed in the right-hand margin of the newsletter.
  5. Website margin
    Press offices with recent news are listed in the left-hand margin of the website front page and within a section most relevant to the company.

Benefits of owning a press office:

  • You gain access to Supply Chain Online's 11000+ subscriber base for your news.
  • Be showcased on which has 35000+ pages read per month.
  • Ensure that your achievements are noticed.
  • Take control of your publicity and measure exposure.

How to setup a press office

Setting up a Press Office is simple.

Click here and fill in the online Press Office Application form.

We will then automatically send you an invoice.

As soon as payment is confirmed we will activate your Press Office.

What happens then?

Once your Press Office has been activated, you can simply login to the Supply Chain Online website and using the online Press Office form you can add Press Releases to your Press Office.

Examples of news articles may include but are not limited to the following types:

  • Alerts, press releases and announcements
  • Education and training offerings
  • Product launches and service offerings
  • Brochures
  • Industry commentary
  • Interviews, views and opinions
  • New appointments

The content is completely configurable in rich text and you do not need any special skills.

Each article you create allows for the following:

  • Headline and keywords
  • The author's name and email address
  • The date created and the date the article will be archived
  • An introduction and the body text
  • You may also upload images into the content
  • Content may be updated at any time

Press Office Cost

The cost is R500/Month for 1 year = R6000/year an insignificant amount compared to the resultant increase in brand equity and additional business.

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For further information please contact Dalan Holton,